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  1. Research and Development

Our Lab Steady Growth For More Than 25 Years

Igrowtall 's products are made in a certified Canadian laboratory. Our lab established in 1985, has production infrastructures which are built to meet the highest standards. On April 22, 2002, Health Canada delivered a Pharmaceutical Establishment License to igrowtall 's Lab, and a certificate of renewal on May 10, 2009.

This major certification authorizes the lab to manufacture and package pharmaceutical products. Since 2005, Igrowtall 's Lab also holds a Natural Health Site License in compliance with section 22 of the Act on Natural Health Products, as well as a GMP Certificate of Compliance for natural health products. Igrowtall 's Lab is also registered as Cosmetics Manufacturer and Packager under the FDA's VCRP Program.

Know-how, Versatility & Innovation

Our is determined to achieve success as a service company by demonstrating unfailing loyalty towards both our clients and suppliers, and — as a sub-contractor — providing the very best price-quality ratio.

Igrowtall 's Lab designs, manufactures and packages cosmetic, pharmaceutical and natural health products for its customers throughout North America and Europe. Our lab's scientific team is reputed for its knowledge, rigour and creativity, and is backed by a network of independent specialists. Whether for the local or national market or for export, Igrowtall's Lab strives to meet its clients' needs and is committed to innovation, the cornerstone of pharmaceutical development.

A team with highly specialized expertise in dermato-cosmetic and natural health products research.

The successes achieved at our lab are grounded in the expertise and the know-how of the members of the R&D team. Our lab's seasoned team of professionals carries out projects in accordance with client needs. Our Labs continually invests in the development of products that meet clients' expectations and guarantee its health and growth, while also respecting human, social and environmental values

A team with unique, creative and personalized solutions
A dynamic scientific team recognized for its creativity as well as its scientific skills & knowledge.
A team backed by a network of qualified independent resources.
A team of expert consultants to inform, assist and guide the client at each stage of a project of the product's development.
Formulation prototypes for pre-clinical and clinical studies
Compatibility of active ingredients and excipients
Powder Characterization
Development of commercial formulae
Physical Properties
Technology Transfer
Production of pilot lots
Development of products in accordance with protocols
Commercial Manufacturing
Monitoring of first production

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