Sinotech Official Product Verification
Quality Control

Unsurpassed Quality
Our lab is determined to achieve success as a service company by demonstrating unfailing loyalty towards both the clients and suppliers.

Clients benefit from strict quality control. As a result, our lab assures high integrity and consistent quality in its products at all times. All activities are controlled by standard operating procedures that are developed and implemented by the Quality Assurance Department. The department's objectives are threefold: ensure that the company maintains its certifications promote continuous improvement, and ensure the integrity of results by producing finished products that meet the established standards.

Our lab expertise comes to light in every stage of a project
Product concept development
Research (active ingredient selection, stability tests, etc.)
Cost analysis (cost evaluation and proposal)
Quality control Production (manufacturing, packaging)

Consumers can rely on our strict quality control to systematically maintain the soundness and consistency of our products. This is achieved through regular testing and painstaking compliance with standards:

Full compliance
Raw materials (careful selection and bacteriological testing)
Stability testing
Chemical and microbiological testing of end products
Full compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP)

Wide-ranging Products
Production of pilot lots
Development of products in accordance with protocols

Pharmaceutical Products
Emulsions, lotions, liquids, creams and ointments with DIN

Body and facial skin care (bath products, lotions, creams, gels)
Baby care products
Hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, gels, etc.)
Natural and botanical extracts products

Natural health products
Emulsions, lotions, liquids, plant extract juices (phytotherapy) with PSN
Standard botanical extracts
Diet products
Sports nutrition products
Functional drinks

Obvious Strengths
Experienced Personnel
Constant Concern for Quality
Effective Quality Control
A Guarantee of Integrity and Consistency in Production

Lab R&D Team
R&D Managers
Operations Managers
More than 30 years of compelling experience in the pharmaceutical industry

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